Morning light from the painting studio

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Morning light from the painting studio


To Say Thank You

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To Say Thank You

A recent watercolor as a response to a very kind gesture.
Watercolor, graphite, and ink on paper.

Outdoor Studio

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Somewhere along the way I picked up the perception that to be a good artist I should be in my studio all the time. However, often I would go to my studio and be at a loss of what to do there. When I’m outside my studio is when all the ideas seem to come.

Sean Blanda posted this quote recently on 99U by Garrison Keillor, “I don’t think that one should sit and look at a blank page. The way around it is to walk around with scrap paper and to take notes, and simply to take notes on the observable world around you.”

Winter Light 7:15am

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Winter Light 7:15am

Winter Light 4:28 pm

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Cooking Up Something New!

April 25, 2012 § 29 Comments

It’s finals time here at the School of Visual Art & Design and the building is abuzz with activity. The Drawing II final project is quite a departure from the slow and small scale control building assignments that we’ve been working on so far. In this photo students are experimenting with the different media that they will use on their final project which will be a whopping 30×44 inches! More to come soon!

Roaming Red Rabbit

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This big bunny by Paul McCarthy rides atop a mobile children’s art museum housed in a container. The convertible museum can easily travel by boat and truck and has already toured France and is currently in Africa, bringing works of art from 20 world renowned artists to children. The artist list includes Maurizio Cattelan, Jim Lambie, and James Turrell.

The museum, called Musée Mobile, or “MuMo,” was founded by Ingrid Brochard and aims to share art experiences with children and break down barriers. Apparently only children are allowed inside except two MuMo guides. What fun to have this roll up to your community!

Here are some film clips by Gilles Coudert  showing the museum in action: MuMo Film

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