2 Peonies

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2 Peonies


My Valentine Bouquet

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Micro Analysis

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Above: Robert Cox, Watershed

Below: Robert Cox, Confluence

 Small works are usually realized and experienced up close, but they’ve got to have enough presence from afar to pull you in. These two pieces above by artist Robert Cox do just that. Layers of graphite on film float atop a base of watercolor on paper. He has said that his work represents a mapping of miles traveled along mountains and bodies of water in the South. They bring to mind how physical places and our memories of them change and flow. They are currently hanging in the AVA Micro Analysis Exhibition. I had the privilege to also exhibit my 10 x 11″ piece Migrate, pictured below. It is part of a body of work that looks at the potential of storms to change the direction of our lives.

Green Lake

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Hours & Tides Exhibit Opening

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A few photos from the opening night of Hours & Tides. It was a lovely evening with a nice turn out of both old and new acquaintances. Good times!

Photos  by Manny Romero

Art Opening

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I should have more time to blog a little more frequently after Hours & Tides opens tomorrow! This approaching deadline has been a good stimulus to make sure that creating happens in my studio as well as in the classroom where I teach. In fact, the value of time and our choices in using it are some of the major themes of the show. Here is a snippet from my artist’s statement:

As a teacher I have become increasingly aware of time and the necessity of intentional daily rhythms. Each new day we are given the decision of how to live our hours. The patterns of living that we create are often uprooted by literal and symbolic storms. Plans do not always come to fruition in the way we first thought. These moments refresh our awareness of how little control we have over our own existence and what we anchor ourselves to when familiar things are wiped away.
More images from the show to follow soon!

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