Garage Flies

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Limenitis arthemis astyanax

Limenitis arthemis

Butterfly Gesture

I was delighted by a visit from a couple of these Limenitis arthemis astyanax¬†butterflies. They enjoyed slurping up moisture from the garage floor and didn’t mind my photography and sketching as they raised and lowered their wings. Seeing these up close brought to mind the words regal, stealth and terrifying.















2 Peonies

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2 Peonies

My Valentine Bouquet

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Odd Pod

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I saw this flower pod in the yard this morning just about to lose its white cap. I couldn’t not draw it.

Green Lake

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Sketchbook Collaborations with My Niece

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My two year old niece and I had a grand time drawing and gluing and painting in this little travel sketchbook. It was fun to watch her dive right in with such zeal. Reminds me that that is what sketchbooks are for anyway.


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This Thanksgiving my family went canoeing at Wekiwa Springs, FL. ¬†We were encouraged to see other families out spending Black Friday outdoors together. The day was sunny and warm enough even for a swim. Above are my attempts at sketching while canoeing. We didn’t tip over, but I did put my sketchbook in a baggie just in case.

These were the only alligators we saw.

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