Second Look

March 10, 2013 § 28 Comments


The students have finished their second graphite study of the semester. To encourage them along and sharpen my own skills I set up a study of my own to work on in my office. It has been helpful to be working on one at the same time as the students because certain things will come to my mind while I am working that otherwise I might not have thought of to share with them. It also shows them that I believe in the benefit of the exercise.

We start with six quick compositional thumbnails to decide on the layout before diving right in to the drawing itself. Even if the arrangement of objects doesn’t change from one compositional thumbnail to the other, there are many other factors such as their size within the frame, their horizontal or vertical orientation within the frame, and also the choice of frame itself. I encourage the students to try a square, a vertical rectangle, and a horizontal rectangle. Some students also try breaking through the rectangle and creating their own custom format.



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