Contrasting Textures : Fabric Value Study

February 5, 2013 § 31 Comments


The Drawing II students are finishing up their second value study. It’s quite exciting to see their progress from the first to the second. As Juliette Aristides writes in her book, Lessons in Classical Drawing, “Each hard-won drawing allows you to bring a new skill to your next one.”

The studies are definitely an investment of time. 20 hours is a long time for a¬†millennial¬†with things to do and people to text. So why do value studies? I gave myself the task of coming up with as many reasons as I could think of. I’ll begin to list a few of the reasons here:

Learn to see

Nourish confidence

Increase awareness

Train to become a highly sensitized observer

Develop fascination with the mysteries of things to be found and seen

Practice intentionality

Pursue an understanding of light and discernment of value

Create the illusion of volume and space

Develop sustained focus

Intense concentration

Build a habit of keeping eyes wide open

Spend enough time observing to get past superficiality

Begin to see possibilities for metaphor/interpretation of visual experience

Give time for your eyes to acclimate

Cultivate a love for subtlety

Explore surface topography-heighten the sense of touch in your work

Practice your scales in order to have freedom and mastery in a lifetime of expression

Gain ownership of materials

Capture the uniqueness of your subject

Enrich your sight/life


Can you think of some others?


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