As if it Were Yesterday

June 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

My niece recently acquired P.D. Eastman’s Go, Dog. Go! for her growing literature collection (She’s 2.5). In the 24 hours since the book arrived at the house she has already learned a good percentage of the book, I think due to the Seuss inspired genius of captivating images to accompany language learning. Images so captivating in fact, that this one in particular made an indelible impression on my own 2 year old mind when I read it almost 30 years ago.


Micro Analysis

June 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Above: Robert Cox, Watershed

Below: Robert Cox, Confluence

 Small works are usually realized and experienced up close, but they’ve got to have enough presence from afar to pull you in. These two pieces above by artist Robert Cox do just that. Layers of graphite on film float atop a base of watercolor on paper. He has said that his work represents a mapping of miles traveled along mountains and bodies of water in the South. They bring to mind how physical places and our memories of them change and flow. They are currently hanging in the AVA Micro Analysis Exhibition. I had the privilege to also exhibit my 10 x 11″ piece Migrate, pictured below. It is part of a body of work that looks at the potential of storms to change the direction of our lives.

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