Twice Drawn

May 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m experiencing a new attraction.

Well actually its an old attraction, but it’s getting refueled.

Partly by this:

I saw this book for the first time at the CAA conference in February. Now I’m getting to peruse it a little more thoroughly and I’m newly fascinated with what drawing can be. The book is a catalog more or less of a couple of modern and contemporary drawing shows held at Skidmore. I’m taking it slowly and only a fraction of the way through.

When I got to the spread of Ernesto Caivano’s work, I had to pause a little extra. His combination of impeccable draftsmanship and rich imagination rooted in a variety of source material from asian screen prints to geometry to renaissance literature enchanted me. I was reminded of another favorite draftsman of mine, Aubrey Beardsley, who shared similar influences. In Ernesto’s work there are stories within stories that allow the viewer to begin to use their own perhaps rusty imagination again. But they are not fantastical tales that do not apply to contemporary issues. They contain current ideas such as how we alter the landscape and how it changes us and the abundance of information in the universe and how little of it we can actually understand.

Drawing is so alluring in this technological world!


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